Bold Guarding for Retail

Trust Us for Loss Prevention

At Bold Guarding, we care about protecting not only your business’ patrons and storefront, but also its profit. We work with many retail locations and have prevented over $10,000 of loss in a single incident. With a Gold guard at the door, staff can spend time doing their jobs throughout the store instead of having to monitor for theft. Our guards are customer-service oriented and can serve as friendly greeters as well.

Manage All Your Storefronts in One Place

Our goal is to make store managers’ lives easier by giving you complete visibility of your businesses. We give you a personalized security dashboard and guard management software to oversee all your locations. Your dashboard is one centralized place for you to oversee every detail of your security coverage—schedules, incident reports, tracking, budget, and more. GPS-powered software lets you know your guard is on-time and on-site, even when you aren’t present. These tools put you in control and allow you to sleep easily knowing your store is in good hands.

Enjoy Greater Flexibility

Modern security threats require modern solutions. We use technology, flat rates, and 24/7 customer service to easily adapt to whatever changes come your way. Our easy-to-use website and mobile app allow you to book security quickly and on-the-go if need be. Our competitive, flat rates guarantee you’re charged consistently for all coverage, with no hidden fees. Our customer support will attend to your needs 24/7, even filling same-day shifts for any last-minute security hiccups.